So Yes adaptive clothing

    Mission / Vision / Strategy

    What we aim for and how we do that

    Our mission is to provide maximum support to people so they can be independent. So Yes stands for a clothing brand that, with the utmost respect, wants to build self-confidence in every person who chooses the brand. Our company goes to great lengths to give people with (or without) physical disabilities a fantastic feeling by designing, producing and selling specific, beautiful, high-quality and affordable clothing.

    So Yes is innovative clothing that gives people a helping hand. With a few smart adjustments, garments can make people's lives a lot more comfortable, or even enable them to get dressed all by themselves. We believe that ingenious adaptations can be perfectly compatible with modern fashion. Our collection therefore reflects the fashion trends of the season.

    People are our start and end points. Each design, based on the expertise of experienced occupational therapists, is carefully fitted and tested by a panel of people with disabilities. Based on these first user experiences, we optimise the design and refine it until it's completely finished.

    our mission